Atoms Writing Center back open for business

AWC offers assistance, synchronous and asynchronous


Stephanie Hanson

A typical work session in the Atoms Writing Center. This year it will be virtual with one on one Google Meet sessions.

The Atoms Writing Center held their soft opening Tuesday Oct. 13. With the opening of the AWC, atoms will gain a great opportunity to further advance their writing skills and futures.
The center will return in a virtual capacity that includes live Google Meet one on one tutoring sessions on Mondays throughout October from 9:10 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
There will also be asynchronous tutoring feedback provided on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
For more information on the writing center or opportunities to sign up for help on an essay, visit the AWC Google site.
“Our goal is to help the students of Annandale High School with writing assignments for any class. We believe that there’s always room to improve in your writing and we try to make students feel comfortable coming to the AWC for extra support on their writing assignments,” English teacher and head of the AWC Stephanie Hanson said.
Students who are looking to make an impact and become a tutor for the AWC can visit the AWC google site.
“The Writing Center is a great space for students to get help with their writing. One of the most unique things about the writing center is that we help students write a multitude of things. From college essays, to IA’s, and even small assignments,” junior Lauryn Mills said.
Mills is currently a tutor for the AWC and enjoys helping students reach their full writing potential.
This month, one of the top priorities for the center will be college essays.
Many seniors will need to have their essays completed by Nov. 1 so the AWC is looking to help as many students as possible.
During the last week of October, the AWC will be holding a College essay workshop. The workshop will provide an opportunity for one on one feedback from tutors on college essays.
“As a senior, it’s great to have a resource such as the writing center available to me as I look to further my education or receive help on a college essay that can change my life,” senior Nick Pemberton said.
While the writing center is mainly prioritized around college essays in the first month of being open, the AWC is still a great opportunity for all students, including freshmen, who are looking to immediately improve their writing skills.
“The writing center is really a great resource to me and my fellow classmates to use as we try to adapt to high school writing standards and techniques,” freshman Colin Mcgee said.
During a typical school year, students would normally have a chance to visit the AWC during PRIDE time.
However, with online school this year students have not been able to take advantage of PRIDE time.
With PRIDE time hoping to return sometime in November, the writing center is looking forward to opening a full 5 days a week.
Whether for help on a small English project, an IA, college essays, make sure to sign up for the Atoms Writing Center to further advance your writing.
For more information on upcoming events regarding the AWC, follow @AtomsWC on Instagram and Twitter.