PSAT to be held on Oct. 29


This year only juniors are allowed to take the PSAT. It will be held on Oct. 29 at AHS.

The PSAT has always been a yearly requirement for the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. Covid-19 has thrown students into online school and the PSAT this year will look a lot different.
Juniors will be the only class allowed to take the PSAT. Any junior who wants to take the test has to register through a google form that was sent out by FCPS to the class of 2022.
The PSAT will be held on Oct. 29 at AHS.
“It’s going to be surreal to be in the building for the test when we haven’t been there for classes,” junior Kate Chrestman said.
AHS is expecting around 200 juniors to take the test. Temperature checks will be taken before entry and the testing groups will be small and spaced out.
The PSAT will be held all across the building including modulars.
The PSAT is a very important test for juniors. It helps prepare them for the SAT which is needed when applying to college.
“I’ve been doing some practice on Khan Academy. I practice for 30 minutes everyday,” junior Nathan Ong said. “I feel confident about how I’m gonna do but I’m trying to push myself because I know it could help me in the future. It is also good SAT practice so I’m trying to take it like the real thing.”
It is important to take the PSAT seriously. Thinking of it as the SAT will push students to do better.
Having good test taking strategies will also help.
Some important strategies are to answer the questions you know first. This will waste less time. Always read the directions. Budget your time. The PSAT and SAT are timed tests, so be careful how much time is spent on questions.
“From past experiences, it hasn’t been very hard. I am not worried about it. However, I am preparing by reviewing notes and materials from last year’s classes. Specifically math, english, and science,” junior Zack Pacak said.
Studying is the best way to prepare for the test. Khan Academy and the College Board are good websites for practice tests and studying. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast before testing to stay focused.