Final debate shows more discipline

Final debate shows more discipline

The final presidential debate was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee between presidential nominees Donald Trump and Joe Biden moderated by NBC reporter, Kristen Welker. 

Anticipated questions mentioned before the debate include, will the muted mics lead to a more effective debate? Will Trump be able to turn the heads of the voters to favor his campaign? Will Biden be able to defend himself and stay the course? Throughout the debate, nominees throw light upon the course of action they will uphold moving forward solely on controversial topics indicating the response of Covid-19, health care, the economy of the people, climate change, immigration, and race in America. 

To prevent missed opportunities to truly evaluate the previous debate, the commission of presidential debates built a system to “maintain order” by muting mics.

“Overall I think tonight’s debate was a win for the American people because they were able to better evaluate each of the candidates, since the interruptions were mostly eliminated with the introduction of the mic muting option for the moderator. The moderator had more control than the previous moderator and did a good job asking fair questions to both candidates,” junior Olivia Epperly said. “President Trump seemed more controlled and did not interrupt Biden as much as the previous debate.” 

It’s safe to say this past debate was surprisingly more sufficient.

Trump needed former Biden to let down the voters, to benefit his campaign. It was essential for the President to raise the bar to show the American people he could be relied on during the following term to have won the final debate. 

“I’m the least racist person in this room,” Trump said. One memorable statement which shocked both Biden and the audience.

“I think that Trump only told lies-which is as to be expected from a white supremacist. Biden only corrected the accusations and Trump did as well. It’s all a ‘he said, he said’ situation. It’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth and who isn’t because these are men who are put in positions of power which comes with the freedom to hide any info they want,” junior Lauryn Mills said. “In any context, there is no question of who the better leader is. One man has referred to black and Latin men as rapists, drug cartels, super predators, and lazy, while the other has not. One has 20+ rape accusations and one does not”. 

“Joe Biden seemed to be pretty direct with his statements, while Trump presents himself with psychological problems which eliminates everything that comes out of his mouth.” government teacher Andrew Freeman said. 

Fortunately, the commission enhanced the process and became able to form a more disciplined presidential debate. Whether your political views lie in the conservative or liberal spectrum, I think everyone can agree the final presidential debate displayed order which enabled the nominees and voters to gain a greater understanding and surpass an efficient debate.