Students shun stores on Black Friday

“Black Friday chaos sweeps the world with fights and stampedes.”

That was a headline for last year’s Black Friday. Black Friday is typically known as a day of chaos. However, this year, many are wondering if things will look the same.

Just like most things, the pandemic is going to change the Black Friday experience. Some stores are only allowing a certain capacity of people to enter the store.

Many popular stores such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy are spreading out their sales all throughout November and December. Regardless, many people feel safer just shopping online.

Small businesses have been struggling all throughout the entire year, so shopping small would be a good alternative.

Most stores will keep carts sanitized, require people to wear masks and encourage social distancing.

“I’ve never been a person to go Black Friday shopping, but yes I think it wouldn’t be safe enough,” freshman Crystina Ing said. “I just take advantage of these sales occasionally but I don’t think I will shop online at a certain time.”

Even though stores are going to use safety precautions to make it safer, it’s not going to be the safest option.

“I just don’t think the sales are worth the risk of possibly catching the virus,” sophomore Alex Nguyen said.

Black Friday is typically a prime day for electronics sales. This year many are eager to purchase the new PS5 and Xbox series X.

“I don’t feel comfortable going Black Friday shopping, but I am looking forward to the new PS5. I’m going to buy it online,” said Nguyen. “I always see someone getting trampled on the news. Who knows what it’ll be like this year. I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

However, if you do decide to go shopping, remember to keep your mask on and social distance.