Adopted FY22 budget includes pay raise

Teachers have faced many challenges since the start of COVID. They have been given a difficult job from adjusting to virtual learning, to keeping their students motivated in this time of uncertainty.
Time and time again, teachers are committed to the betterment of their students and have given up many hours in support of them.
Teachers provide numerous resources for students to achieve their best, despite all of their changing needs, including Office Hours, Pride Time and in class instruction.
With this devotion in mind, the school board unanimously voted to approve the FY 2022 budget which includes a potential raise for all FCPS employees salary by 3%.
“We recognize that the past year has been incredibly difficult for our community,” Superintendent Scott Brabrand said. “This budget is designed to bring hope to students, their families and our staff by providing the resources each of them needs to help recognize and support all their extraordinary contributions during this pandemic.”
Being right outside of D.C., the cost of living is very high in Fairfax County. This pay increase will be a great support for all county employees.
“I feel that during a pandemic, with all the extra adjustments the teachers have had to implement to accommodate virtual learning, a raise is the least that the school district could do for its teachers and administrators,” choir teacher Patrick Vaughn said.
In addition, the increase in pay will effectively draw more qualified teachers to the county.
Most importantly, the budget will motivate teachers to continue their hard work, which in the end benefits students.
The budget will be $3.2 billion, increasing from last year by $75.5 million.
Many other amendments were also added, including assessing the rise of retirement rates and healthcare costs and staffing adjustments for elementary school ESOL programs.
The budget, along with many other efforts by the county, aims to support the needs of all students and members of the county.