Since some students are going back to the building, it is important that we understand a few guidelines that have been set in place in order to keep everyone safe as well as provide needed help.

IT support will not be providing support for non-FCPS laptops. If you need instructions for connecting to the Fairfax network, that can be found here.

Before asking for help, you can try consulting the Annandale High Troubleshooting Self-Help Guide and Annandale IT Support Frequently Asked Questions, both of which provide helpful tips for some technical issues.

In order to be provided with the best support from the tech support team, students and staff will be required to submit a Request IT /student support request form which can be found here.

This form will be received by the AHS IT support staff and you will get a response within 24 hours.

Students won’t be able to leave the classroom to get tech support without a notification from the tech support team.

“In case of emergency problems (inoperable computers), a staff member must call the tech office to ensure someone is there to meet with the student,” said Michael Elion, IT support member. “No more than two people are allowed in the tech office at one time. This does not include the tech support team.”

Furthermore, if any family or parents need tech support, you can contact the parent technology help desk at 833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS) which will be answered by staff members between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Please specify if you need an interpreter when you call.

Alsom if you are returning to school, you should remember to bring all of your items including your school-issued laptop and charger.