Students embrace newfound freedom

Following the return of in-person learning, many upperclassmen have opted for off-campus waivers. In other words, a free period.

Previously, AHS was not as willing to allow students to receive off-campus waivers, rather, they were advised to pick up an extra elective or be a Teacher’s Assistant.

“Having the off-campus period has been super helpful because I am able to get a head start on any assignments,” senior Kyle Ho said. “I also know a lot of my peers who have jobs or outside of school responsibilities and they also think the off periods are helpful.”

Seniors who currently have jobs, met graduation requirements and have extra space in their schedule were given the opportunity to speak with their counselors and request an official off campus waiver form.

After filling out the form and receiving a parent’s signature of approval, the forms were sent to the Director of Student Services, Erik Healey.

“After being out of school for 18 months due to the pandemic, we came into this school year knowing the needs of our students would be greater. As a result, we have focused on the social-emotional needs of our students,” Healey said.

“We have many students who work after school to support their families, a free period provides additional time for students to complete school work or seek additional employment opportunities. It should be noted though, that an off-campus waiver is only available to seniors, who are on track for graduation, as a privilege,” Healey said.

The off-campus periods have been beneficial to athletes as well.

“Having no class for W8 is great because I can get home and relax before practice,” senior Taylor Nugen said. “Free W8 also allows me to leave my equipment at home rather than bring it to school in the morning.”