Patience in a new school year

In a school year with a “new” environment, we have to make sure that we have to be patient with everyone because we haven’t been in this kind of setting in a while.

Whether it is to keep our mask on, or to just simply remember each other’s name. It’s super important to be tolerant with each other because we haven’t been in school in a very long time. We have to learn to be calm in this chaos because it’s still new to a lot of us.

It’s very different this year than ever before combining online school with normal school and new routines to have to follow this year in a different, but same environment. Lots of us will have different slip ups this year connecting your friends, teachers, physical homework to Pre – COVID and reminding yourself to remember that.

All of us will get mix ups and confusion, even in a normal school year, and guidelines add more things to remember and while it might seem difficult, it’s not hard to master, and once we are in school for a remarkable amount of time, we should be able to.

We have to make sure to balance our physical, mental and emotional health. It can be difficult to balance assignments and work as it was much easier in online school in some ways.

It can be laborious and draining with the once-habited seems unknowledgeable, but with practice, we can get through a new school year together, and learn to manage our time, one step at a time.