Enforcing school rules

Cracking down on skippers


Senior Kyle Ho walks out of AHS during his free period with a yellow ID tag.

After the implementation of off-campus waivers for upperclassmen who have met graduation requirements, the concern of students without waivers cutting class has become a new worry for administration. In hopes of being able to differentiate between students who received waivers and students who were cutting class, yellow backpack tags were given to students. The tags include the students name, grade, free period and a photo ID picture of the student.
“As an administrative team, we are always looking for ways to improve upon the systems we have in place here at Annandale,” Director of Student Services, Erik Healey said.
“The implementation of visible passes for our students with off-campus waivers helps our staff easily identify which students are able to leave campus,” Healey said. “We want to ensure our students who have the privilege of an off-campus waiver can do so in a safe way, and our students who do not have off-campus waivers can be engaged in meaningful learning in the classroom.”
In addition to the added backpack passes, signs requesting students to not allow other students in and direct them to enter through the main doors have been added to the inside of the Jock Lobby doors, and a message directing students who are arriving to school late to check-in through door one have been added to the outside of the Jock Lobby doors.
“Oftentimes when I would be leaving the school for my free period, a few students would catch the door behind me and re-enter the building,” senior Trisha Tran said.
Students with the waiver appreciate the new application because they are no longer being stopped and questioned about their departure from school.
“Before receiving the backpack tag, I would often get stopped by teachers or administration and asked where I was going or what class I should be in,” senior Ricky Boung said. “Now with the pass, I am able to take advantage of my off-campus waiver without questions.”