PTSA brings back All Night Grad Celebration for seniors

The All Night Grad Celebration, an annual senior tradition, has finally returned. All Night Grad is an event that typically takes place the night of graduation where students participate in a variety of activities like massage therapy, getting their faces drawn by a caricature artist, swimming the pool, and other exciting activities.

The event will take place from 11 p.m. – 5 a.m. at Audrey Moore Rec Center on June 2. Tickets are being sold for 45 and are being sold on the PTSA website. Since Graduation will be at AHS this year on June 1, a rain date has been set for June 2. Due to this, the PTSA organized for All Night Grad to be the night after graduation in the event that it rains.

All Night Grad is one of the biggest events for the senior class, and it’s a way to ensure that students are able to spend one last night together while simultaneously having fun and being safe.

“Yeah I’m super excited for All Night Grad, I always hear about how fun it is from my friends that already graduated,” senior Brian Mercado said. “I got my ticket during the March Madness sale because it was pretty cheap, but I’m excited to see how everything turns out.”

In order to support the event, the PTSA has been hosting fundraisers year round. The biggest fundraiser for All Night Grad is the auction which will stop taking bids this Friday.

A variety of prizes can be won through the auction such as recreational club memberships, gift cards, and parking spaces.

All of the proceeds from the auction will be used for the All Night Grad Celebration. Students must submit their parents consent form in order to attend . For more information, contact Contact Alyssa Getsey at 703-256-8069 or via e-mail at [email protected].