I spy Phillip Harris

Katie Pope, Staff Writer

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  • Technology Education teacher Phillip Harris getting out of his car to start his normal day at 6:30 a.m. "I have an Avalon and a sports car but I only drive it on nice weather days," Harris said. Every morning Harris wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and tries to get on the elliptical machine for at least 30 minutes. He starts getting ready for school at 5 a.m.

  • In the morning when Harris arrives he fixes and checks the desks before his students come in. "One time, someone hid an apple in the desk and another kid touched it years later and no matter how many times he washed his hands, they weren't clean," Harris said. "Now after every class I fix the desks and chairs and make sure there's no food on or in them."

  • Junior Christopher Williams asking Harris for help on his electronic project which is located at the bottom left of the photo. Williams is in Electronics 2 and is head of an upcoming tech competition.

  • Harris talking to his Electronics 1, Electronics 2 and Advanced Robotics class. He starts off every class by talking to his students about upcoming competitions and explains what they have to do to be prepared for them. He then sends them off to do their projects.

  • Sports marketing teacher Michael Strand talking to Harris in between classes in the hallway. Both teachers talk about sports, mutual students, and warn students to behaveb while transitioning between classes.

  • Instead of eating lunch, Harris goes into his office to put grades in the grade book and check his email. "I like my office because I have a 3D color printer nearby," Harris said. "The problem is kids use the printer too so they have to come into my office."

  • After practice, Harris goes back to his classroom and sets up for his classes the next day. After, he heads home to watch movies with his wife.

  • Harris is the head coach of track and field and holds practice everyday after school. He mainly coaches outside but on days where it is too cold or rainy, he holds practice inside.

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