Golden State Warriors race to 72-10

Stephen Curry’s team threatens to break the ’96 Bulls record

No team has beaten the ’96 Chicago Bulls regular season record of 72-10, but the Golden State Warriors might be on the verge of breaking that.

AHS students are raving over the thought of witnessing this team making history.

“”They’re bossing [the rest of] the NBA and they’re the best team,””senior Naod Teklie said.

Fresh off their NBA Finals victory, the Warriors are looking better than ever and have started the season off with an astonishing 19-0 record as of Dec. 2.

They’re being led by Stephen Curry and his astronomical numbers of 32.6 ppg, 6.1 assists and 5.1 threes per contest.

Not to mention the reigning MVP’s other accomplishments so far, like being the first player since, who else but  Michael Jordan to score 118 points in the first three games of a season.

Fans can’t be blamed for believing that the Warriors will best the Jordan-led  ’96 Bulls record.

“”I think it’s spectacular that this fine, young black male and his team are undefeated,” senior Issachor Tecle said.

But will they go 82-0? Not quite.

Last year, the Warriors had a league-best record of 67-15, only five games worse than the 96 Bulls, but this Warriors team is better than they were last year.

Golden State has a lot of things going for them and are undeniably the hottest team in the league, even without head coach Steve Kerr on the sidelines due to his ruptured disk surgery.

Curry is having such a great year that he’s already put up a season’s worth of highlights, they’re receiving help off the bench and the Warriors have been on a historic run while key players like all-star guard Klay Thompson and 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala have yet to hit their stride this season.

It seems as if they’re destined to demolish more records this season.

But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. There are valid reasons why they might start to cool off and will fall short of 72 wins.

The main reason is health. If Curry gets injured and has to sit out for a long period of time, who could possibly replace someone who is simply irreplaceable? Shaun Livingston? I think not.

Last season they were an extremely healthy team that only faced a few minor injuries.

In a sport where countless superstars and championship caliber teams have started to become plagued by injuries, the Warriors were very fortunate to survive their finals run for the most part untouched.

Now this shouldn’t take away from how superb their team was last season, but Golden State would be extremely lucky to go two full seasons without major injuries.

Some students at AHS are a little hesitant to hastily predict that the Warriors will be triumphant in their race to 72 wins.

“”[They won’t win 72 games] because Klay Thompson isn’t playing at a high level and they are relying on Stephen Curry way too much,”” junior Naod Getachew said. “

Another reason is they shoot the three ball too much and they have Andrew Bogut.”

Another reason why fans shouldn’t get ahead of themselves is that they’ve had a rather easy schedule and have faced teams that pose no real threat to their greatness. The best team they’ve played so far was the 9-5 Chicago Bulls.

As their schedule gets tougher, they may face teams who are able to slow down this fast-paced Golden State offense.

If teams around the league find a way to stop the sharp-shooting Curry, then this Warriors team might face some real adversity.

The second highest scorer on the team is Klay Thompson, who is averaging only 16.1 ppg, almost half of the points Curry is scoring.

But stopping the 6’3 Curry is a tall task as his arsenal of offensive abilities has debunked even the toughest of defenses over the last two seasons.

The Warriors will take their undefeated record on a seven-game road trip, their first of the season. According to ESPN BPI, they’ll have at least a 60 percent chance to win each of those games, and return back home with a 25-0 record.

If there was ever a team that was able to dethrone the ’96 Bulls, it’s the modern day Warriors.

Even though Curry is the shogun of his squad, their impeccable start is a result of team play, not just his individual performances.

They are becoming a model for the new small-ball NBA lineups and their assist numbers have skyrocketed to 29.4 per game.

Also, center Draymond Green is transforming into a true triple-threat right before our eyes as he’s averaging 13.2 ppg, 8.2 rpg and 7.1 apg.   

They are 11 games away from longest win streak of all time set by the Lakers back in their ‘71-’72 season, and with a couple of easy upcoming games, they need to continue to take things one game at a time.

For them to have their historic goals come into fruition they need a little help from the basketball gods to bless them with tremendous health and for them to avoid any slumps down the stretch of the season.

The NBA’s new poster child and his teammates are  eyeing basketball immortality and AHS students are keeping watch if they can actually do so.