Player Profile: McKenzie Yi


Jude Nanaw and Ethan Zimmerman

Q. How long have you been playing field hockey?
A. I started playing field hockey freshman year. So this year will be my fourth season.

Q. What made you want to start paying field hockey?
A. I actually wanted to play volleyball freshman year, but my mom and my best friend Caitlin said to try field hockey. I also thought it was similar to lacrosse but I was way off.

Q. What other sports do you play and which is your favorite?
A. Along with field hockey, I do indoor track where I long jump, throw shot put and hurdle. In the spring I play lacrosse. If I had to pick I would pick lacrosse in a heartbeat.

Q. How do you prepare for field hockey in the off-season?
A. This year I swam and ran during the summer to stay in shape. I also tried to watch what I ate, but I ended up eating everything in sight; swimming made me very hungry

Q. Is it difficult to balance school along with sports?
A. Sometimes I have those days where I ask myself, “Why do I do this?” But school and sports go well together. It keeps me on a strict schedule of school, practice, eat, and homework and studies.

Q. How do you prepare before a game?
A. Before every game, I always eat a peanut better jelly sandwich with a glass of milk, and watch YouTube or Netflix. I also pray and ask God that our team does well and stay away from injuries. Then I take a quick power nap to clear my mind and focus on the game.

Q. What are your future goals in field hockey?
A. At the end of this season I hope our team will win some games and hopefully win the new district title. After high school, I would love to go to college and play both field hockey and lacrosse at the D3 level.