Player Profile: Patrick Lee

Elias Moura, Staff Writer

Q. Which sports do you play?
A. The sports I play are football, wrestling and lacrosse.

Q. In which sports did you have a concussion and how many times in each sport?
A. I got a concussion in football this year (sophomore year). This is my first concussion.

Q. How long have you been playing each sport?
A. This will be my ninth year playing football and wrestling and my eighth year playing lacrosse.

Q. What did having a concussion feel like?
A. It felt mostly like having a constant headache and it was hard to concentrate at times.

Q. What kind of steps did you have to go through in order to be cleared?
A. The first week I went home right after school and the second week I was doing exercises in the trainers which I am still doing.

Q. Was completing concussion education beforehand helpful?
A. Doing concussion education before getting a concussion was sort of helpful for me.

Q. How careful are coaches and trainers before letting you back to practice and games?
A. The coaches and trainers are extremely careful and I still have not returned to practice. I know they won’t let me back until it is 100% better.

Q. What kind of effects did the concussion have on you physically and mentally?
A. It limited me to not being able to exercise and completing some class work.

Q. Did getting a concussion change your mind on wanting to play sports?
A. Getting a concussion has not changed my mind on wanting to play sports at all.

Q. What kind of steps do you take now in order to avoid any future concussions?
A. One step I plan on taking now is to use proper form when hitting or tackling in football.