Player Profile: Joseph McCoy


Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

Senior Joseph McCoy has consistently been one of the top performers on the Atoms track team since he joined his freshman year. McCoy specializes in hurdle events such as the 300-m hurdles as well as the 55-m and 110-m dash. He has made conference, regional and state meets in past years due to his high-level performance.

Q. How long have you been running track?
A. I have been running track for four years now.

Q. Do you run track outside of school?
A. No, other than practicing outside of school on my own time, I do not run track for any other team.

Q. What made you start wanting to run track?
A. The main reason for me joining track in the first place was mostly just because I was looking to try something new.

Q. Are there any other sports you play or have played in the past?
A. Aside from track, I used to play soccer and I miss it sometimes.

Q. How do you prepare for track in the offseason?
A. I keep myself prepared for track during the offseason usually by lots of working out at the gym and conditioning.

Q. Is it difficult to balance school along with sports?
A. I personally do not find it hard to manage school and sports because I’m good at managing my time and not procrastinating.

Q. Which events do you most frequently run?
A. I run the 55-m and 110-m dash as well as the 300-m hurdles. I also run relays like the 4×100-m, 4×200-m and 4×300-m.

Q. How do you prepare before a track meet?
A. I make sure I have prepared myself before a track meet by doing a lot of reps and time trials at practice leading up to the meet and then thoroughly warming up on the day of the meet.

Q. What are your future goals in track?
A. One of my main goals right now is to be offered an athletic scholarship for running track. Another one of my goals is to maybe one day be in the Olympics.