Student-Athletes join FCA Club

Recently renewed club offers activities and fellowship for AHS Students


Jude Nanaw

Fellowship of Christian Athletes members McKenzie Yi (Left) and Nate Peters (Right) play in a game of rock, paper, scissors during a meeting on Jan. 19.

Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

As the scent of doughnuts filled the room and club members competed in intense games of rock, paper, scissors, the AHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting began.

Despite being a Christian club, FCA meetings begin with enjoyable activities and games.

Following the activities, members gather in a circle for prayer and bible readings.

The club, until recent years, has not received much recognition. Recently there has been an increase in club members.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a worldwide organization. FCA holds sports camps for many sports every year as well such as lacrosse, baseball, wrestling and more.

The main focus of FCA on a broader level is for players and coaches to have an impact in athletics and beyond through the influence of religion.

At AHS, the main purpose of the club is for members to spend time with fellow athletes and participate in various activities.

“The main purpose of the club is to spend time with other Christians and peers and to have a fun time together,” senior club leader McKenzie Yi said. “It is a super fun and open environment.”

Unlike a number of other clubs in school, FCA does not have any requirements that need to be attained prior to being able to join. There are no restrictions on joining FCA and everyone is welcome.

“There are absolutely no requirements to join the club,” Yi said. “We are very open about accepting everybody into the club that would like to be a member.”

FCA has camps are designed through the shared passion of members for athletics and faith.

The organization holds multiple camps including sports camps, coaches camps, leadership camps, etc.

The sports camps are meant for both athletes and coaches who intend on developing their athletic skill. FCA Sports Camps take place across the country including locally. FCA holds sports camps in Virginia at different points each year in locations not too far from AHS.

Members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at AHS find aspects of the club that they enjoy the most as it relates to athletics and faith.

“The best part about FCA is that everyone is there for the same reason,” Yi said. “To have fun and learn about Christ.”

FCA in school has grown in membership size as joining the club continues to be encouraged.