Injury of the Issue: Hunter Swedish


Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

Q. Which sports do you play?
A. Throughout my time in high school I have done wrestling and tennis.

Q. How long have you been playing each sport?
A. I have done wrestling for all four years of high school and I’ve played tennis for three years since sophomore year.

Q. What is the injury that occured to you?
A. The injury that occured to me is a torn ACL.

Q. What was the reaction of your teammates and coaches?
A. The reaction of most people was that my injury was essentially viewed as a tragedy and they were sad to see a missed opportunity for me.

Q. How has the recovery process been for you?
A. Recovering so far for me has been rather speedy and faster than I expected.

Q. How much time do you spend on rehabilitation?
A. I usually spend anywhere from half an hour to sometimes an hour and a half daily.

Q. For approximately how long do you anticipate being out of sports?
A. I am most likely going to be held out of playing for a minimum of at least six months.

Q. When do you think is an ideal time for you to be fully recovered from your torn ACL?
A. I am hoping for a full recovery before heading off to college this coming fall.

Q. What is the worst part about your injury?
A. To me, the worst part about having a torn ACL is the inability to compete and participate in multiple sports.

Q. How will the injury affect your future play?
A. I will definitely have to watch out when playing sports in the future to protect my knee fully. Protecting my knee will become on of my priorities.