Volleyball defeats Washington and Lee

Thursday, Sept. 24 marked the Atoms varsity volleyball team’s eighth win in a row for their so far perfect season.  The impressive victory over Washington and Lee High School gave the Lady Atoms a large boost in confidence and pride.

Sonya Inderbitzin bumps the ball in a recent game. The team remains undefeated.
Sonya Inderbitzin bumps the ball in a recent game. The team remains undefeated.

The Atoms will continue to work to maintain their no loss record throughout the entire season. Head coach Jennifer Hall says that she “feels pretty positive about things, and that “the team has great chemistry together.”

She also predicts that the team will be very successful in the games to come with everyone’s effort and hard work. Part of the team’s success is their dedication to volleyball outside of practice and school. Many players, like juniors Stephanie Shultis and Allison Warth, along with others on the team play on club teams year round to keep up their skills and fitness.

“Our team all works really hard, and it pays off for us in the games,” said Shultis. “Our most challenging and greatest competitors will be West Springfield and South County,” she predicted.

She also hopes to have a large crowd on game days. With the team being made up of all juniors and seniors, they are looking very strong. When asked about how the team is doing so far, senior Susan Al-Suqi was very optimistic. “We’re doing great so far because the team is drama free and having a fun time, and the rest of the season is going to be awesome because we have the potential to make it all the way,” she said.

The girls are all very confident in their ability to win districts and go even beyond that into regionals. The upcoming game against Woodson High school on September 30 will be a very interesting, challenging and fun game for the Atoms. Woodson is a new addition to the Patriot District this year, providing all AHS sports with new competition. Even so, the Lady Atoms plan on keeping their no loss record and defend their title to remain champions.

The junior varsity team has also been having a very successful season with only one loss to McLean High school, giving both them and varsity outstanding records. It is the last season playing AHS volleyball for five seniors on varsity, so a talented junior varsity team is important because it will lead to a strong varsity team in years to come. The varsity girls volleyball team is certainly gearing towards a remarkable season.


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