Redskins’ ownership causes problems


There is plenty of blame to go around when discussing the disaster that is the Washington Redskins. The players—a mediocre group to begin with have played poorly since week one of the season. The coaching staff, hired very late in the game during the tumultuous off season after Joe Gibbs retired, has completely failed to inspire any sense of pride in the team or in its fan base. Beyond that, they simply appear to be incapable of putting together a successful gameplan on a weekly basis.

As huge as those issues are, they are completely compounded by the incompetence of the Redskins ownership and front office. Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder and General Manager Vinny Cerrato have done their best to put together an over-priced aging dinosaur of a National Football League team that is long on big names and short on depth and, for the most part, talent.

Ever since the day Snyder took over the team he has always been inclined to over-pay for big name players like Deion Sanders, Jeff George, Brandon Lloyd and the like.

This year’s Deion is Albert Haynesworth, arguably the game’s best defensive tackle with Tennessee the last two seasons who now only plays about half of the time the defense is on the field. Snyder regularly throws money at players who have already had their best years in other cities.

It is no secret that Snyder is not only the worst owner in the NFL, but also probably the worst in the world of professional sports. He has proved to be incapable of hiring a coach, as the Redskins have gone through five in just ten years.

Since buying the Redskins in 1999, the team has gone 78-88. He has turned Redskins games at FedEx Field into torture—charging ridiculous prices for parking and stadium food. Who wants to pay $11 for a hot dog and fries, not to mention $40 for parking, to watch this nightmare team?

This year, the Redskins have proven to be a complete disaster on the field. Ranked near the bottom of the league in almost every offensive statistic category, the team really hit rock bottom when they lost to the Detroit Lions on Sept. 27, a team which had previously lost 19 straight games. At press time, the Redskins are a dismal 2-5 and it does not seem like relief is anywhere near.

There is no doubt that a change must be made, but what can be done when the players and coaching staff are only part of the problem? The owner and front office are incompetent and until there is a change fans of the burgundy and gold will likely still experience heartache every Sunday.