Boys lacrosse comes to a close


The boys lacrosse season has finally come to a close, resulting in a winning 12-3 overall record for the team. After the slow start due to the massive snow storm, the boys lacrosse team was able to turn their season into a great one.

“It was a grind because of the way the season started with practices inside and on the blacktop from all of the snow. It was hard to get excited because we didn’t know when we would get the chance to play on a real field.” said head coach Bill Maglisceau.

The team made it all the way to the first round of regionals, but lost to an intense game against Westfield High school in sudden death overtime. While it would have been a great accomplishment to advance farther into regionals, the boys still ended with a successful season.

“The boys did a good job trying to keep focused on the field and kept their fundamentals in check.” continued Maglisceau.

In addition to Westfield, the only other losses were against West Springfield and W.T. Woodson High school.

The boys have had 12 wins in the past two seasons, but were unsuccessful at achieving their goal of winning the district championship with a loss last year to West Springfield High School and this year to W.T. Woodson with a final score of 13 to 10.

“It was tough to lose in the finals back to back years and losing in the first round of regionals was not the way we wanted to go out,” said senior defender Murat Gokturk.

The Atoms will be losing 15 seniors to graduation including key players Travis Briggs, Murat Gokturk, Max Kirkman, Logan Miller, Tyler Rauer, and Andrew Sells.

“It’s hard to lose so many players, but we will be just fine next year,” said junior Nick Lalande.

“It was a successful season this year for our team.  I think we all would have liked to go further, but it was a fun season,” said junior Nathan Miller, who was named All-American.

“Next year will hopefully be better,” continued Lalande.

The rough end of the season was a disappointment to the team that was regarded so highly.

“Our initial goal was to go all the way to states. Having it be cut off so soon is really hard on all of us,” said junior Andy Craig.

With summer approaching rapidly, the team will not have to wait long before they are back outside and playing for their respective teams.  The summer is when lacrosse players are more likely to be contacted by college scouts and coaches.
The team is now readying itself for next years season and hopes that they be able to move on further in the post season than this years teams. It will be a long break for a team that expected so much.