Winter sports start getting festive



As the temperature plummets and winter coats are whipped out, it is evident that the seasons are shifting, not only with mother nature, but with the sports here at AHS. Every sports team has distinguishing traditions that allows for bonding between team members and the creation of a more cohesive group overall. This is especially clear in winter sports.

Basketball is widely known for its popularity during games, but before the team hits the court, they take part in activities to bond as a team.

“[The varsity girls basketball team] always prays before games and we go in the team room during half time. The room was decorated at the beginning of the year with our hand prints and numbers on the walls above our chairs,” junior Gaby Ripani said.

While some sports have several traditions, the wresting team seems to have more simple activities to participate in.

“We don’t have many traditions, but sometimes we have team gang fight where we split into groups and wrestle,” junior Jordan Pokraka said.

The swim and dive team is especially unique in their traditions, as their “rude awakening” was hard to ignore in the past, but has been restricted by administrators due to the fear of hazing. However, the team has been known for their many cheers such as shouting, “lets give them the finger” and raising their index fingers following another chant, “we’re number one!” With such a large team, these traditions allow for a stronger and more united group.

“[Girls] dye our hair for districts red and guys bleach their hair for districts,” sophomore Elizabeth Manthos said.

The dance team also partakes in activities throughout their two seasons.

“We have secret pals at every home game that we perform at and during practice, we bring food for people’s birthday. We also have an end of the season sleep over and a winter holidays party,” sophomore Hannah Coulter said.

While certain traditions are more extravagant than others, activities that are unique to each sport creates the mood that winter is known for; festive.

“Traditions help the team come together with lots of team spirit.” Manthos said.