Girl’s Volleyball falls against South Lakes HS


Yesenia Blount

Three members of the Varsity volleyball team prepare to return a serve from South Lakes HS players.

AHS lost to South Lake HS one set to four. The game was played in the AHS gym on Sept. 10.

“We had energy in the beginning and then it slowly went downhill which is something we have to work on,” senior Jessica Gallogly said.

In the first set, AHS had a staggering lead and won the first set. South Lakes struck back winning the second and third set. During the final set, the matches were AHS one and South Lakes two. South Lakes took the win during an intense set with scores that followed one another. South Lake achieved that final point and took the final set for the win.

The Atoms record as of Sept. 10 was 1-2.

“Tonight they were inconsistent and I do not not why, but it is something for us to work on,” assistant coach Nikolay Petrov said.

The Atoms had a lot of support that night with stand full of supportive parents,students, parents and alumni. The crowd was interactive and supported the team through all four sets.

“If we can stay strong then we can definitely have a positive season and a good shoot at districts,” head coach Jan Austin said.

“If we can have as much energy that we had at the beginning of the season I think we can have a great season,” senior Olivia Franjie said.