Girls soccer faces loss


Stephanie Allshouse

Junior Michelle Burnett dribbles the ball down the field while looking towards the goal.

The varsity girls soccer team’s first scrimmage against Patriot HS ended with a 0-2 loss. This, however, was the girls first time playing together full field after only a week of practicing.

“I think we did alright considering the fact that it was our first full field scrimmage as a team,” senior Connie Tran said. “We definitely need to work on communication and movement off the ball.”

With 11 returning varsity players, the team’s level of experience bodes well for the future.

“Even though we lost, I feel if we work hard this season, we can improve enough to have a great record,” junior Vivian Choe said. “We could have definitely done better, but since it is so early in the season and we had no real time to play together, we weren’t used to each other which affected our playing,” said Choe.

The team only had a few days of practicing together before the scrimmage after cuts were made.

“I thought tryouts this year were tough but rewarding,” junior Erika Alwes said. “There were some surprises, but for the most part you knew where you stood when it came to what team you were going to make based on your effort.”

The team’s next game will be held tonight against Herndon HS.

“I am excited for the next game because I think we have a lot of individual talent on the team,” Tran said. “Once we start to work together, I believe we’ll go far in the district and possibly regionals.”

“I am very happy with the teams and I have a bright out look on the season. I think we will do really well,” Alwes said.