Eat my bubbles: Swim & Dive


Senior Erica Johnson swims the 100 meter butterfly in a swim meet last season.

With the leadership of a new coach, the AHS swim team is poised to build on their past traditions and place well in the Patriot Conference.

Although AHS has not always been the top-placing team, their family like atmosphere and pride have always been un-comparable.

“I joined the team not only because I love to swim, but also because I knew the team was like a family,” senior Lizzie Manthos said. “We have always been close and I hope to pass on that trait.”

“I want to develop positive relationships amongst the team that go beyond practice and meets to the classroom, out of school, and continue on after the season is over,” head coach Ryan Smith said.

There are many traditions that come with being an AHS swimmer. The two main ones however, are team dinners and big sibling, little sibling.

Team dinners usually take place after practice the night before a swim meet. This is not only time to eat, but bonding time with team mates.

“We have lots of fun at team dinners,” junior Bennett Collins said. “It’s like having a family of 40 kids who all smell like chlorine with you.”

Big sibling little sibling is just another way the family aspect is brought to the team. Each upperclassman is assigned a underclassmen to be their younger sibling. On the day of the meet, the “siblings” meet and give each other gifts.

“I loved having a big sister freshman through junior year,” senior Allie Vogus said. “It made me feel like I was truly a part of the team.”

This season, there seems to be a lack of freshman newcomers. Last season the team lost a significant number of swimmers. The team is hopeful that their diligent recruiting will pay off adding to the teams membership.

Tryouts this season started Nov. 11 and will continue through Nov. 14.