Turf Field Follow-up


In the past few months the long awaited turf field made its big debut for fall sports season. Fall athletes were so excited to use the field and recently they have.


When it comes to grass vs turf, questions about injuries are very common there are several blogs and websites debating on grass vs turf, research has shown that there is a higher rate of injuries when playing on turf. Junior Tehya Moss, who played powderpuff last year on the grass field and this year on the new turf says she thinks differently


“I feel the turf prevents injuries because it’s softer than the grass even though it is very slippery.” Moss said.

The turf field comes with its pros and cons, pros: the field looks well taken care of and sophomore Genesis Lara said

“The turf is better for running, I feel that I have a better grip on the turf and it is a lot smoother with no bumps.”


And let’s not forget our cons such as how slippery the turf is and the killer turf burns, The transformation of our field from last year to this year is pretty crazy, not to mention our new scoreboard which is a great upgrade from what our school was previously using.


Junior Varsity football player Leslie Moriba says “I think that the new field definitely impacts the way I play. The turf field gives me a better grip and it feels more leveled. It also looks nicer than the grass.”

Mr. Kerns could not be more happy with the turf field. “it’s good for our community, the ABGC uses it, we even have adult leagues that come out and practice in the evening.”


At the end of the day, turf and grass fields will always be debated. Coach Scott said “The turf doesn’t really impact the way that the team plays, but one of the advantages of turf is that when it’s wet of course the ball gets slick but their shoes don’t seem to. The turf keeps its grip.” Surprisingly though, Coach Scott still prefers the grass field over the turf. “It’s more traditional. I think it looked better and I liked the fact that we had bushes around the stadium, even though the grass field was hard to maintain and the turf field allows the team to practice in all weather, In a perfect world I would have the practice field be turf and our game field be grass.”