AHS athletic training staff


Senior Colin Corey on the elliptical rehabbing his knee.


The athletic trainer, Kathy Ayers, has been at AHS for 15 year. Ayer, and her training staff works very hard after school, on game days and even on the weekends. Kathy Ayers and her crew are very qualified at what they do, Ayers got her  Master’s degree, passed a national certification test, and is licensed in our state, now she is an athletic trainer. It took Ms. Ayers 5 years to become an athletic trainer. She is very dedicated to her work and stays after her paid hours to treat these injured athletes.

A huge part of AHS athletics is their training staff. Ms. Ayers our head trainer here and treats Atoms year round. “I treat 45 to 50 Atoms a day” Ayers said. “If I wasn’t athlete trainer I would be a physician’s assistant” Ayers said. The athletic training room is the start of the road to recovery for athletes.

All Coaches recommend their players to see Ms. Ayers and her staff if they have an pain or if they are injured.

“Yes, all players need to learn to take care of their bodies so their body takes care of them. Rehab is crucial to a serious athlete to prevent shin splints and other aches & pains in their joints.” Behne said.

“The training staff is excellent.” Varsity basketball coach Matthew Behne said. “We never had these dedicated specialist available to athletes in high school. Only in college did I see a training staff that gave the arresting our trainers give to AHS athletes.” Behne said.

“Common injuries are shin splints, sprained ankles, jammed fingers, knee to knee impact, and cramping, are injuries Behne see everyday on the basketball court The trainers at AHS treat all injuries, from shin splints to torn ligaments. Ms. Ayers worst injury she ever had to treat was a brain bleed.

Colin Corey a senior wideout and defensive back for the Atoms, sprained his MCL and ACL in the Atom’s last game against the South County Stallions.

Ms. Ayers is advising me to use the elliptical, stationary bike, step ups, squats and all that good stuff.” Corey said.

Senior Janan Gokturk is recovering from a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament or most commonly know as the ACL. She’s been out injured for 6 months now. Ms. Ayers has been making Gokturk run on Red days, and on White days she does squats, to build the strength back up in her right knee. “I super excited to be back next week!”