Basketball prepares for final stretch

Sophomore Matt Mckiever receives instructions from coach Tim Hardy during a game against W.T. Woodson

Photo courtesy of Mongnhi Nguyen

Sophomore Matt Mckiever receives instructions from coach Tim Hardy during a game against W.T. Woodson


Boys Varsity basketball has a crucial game against West Potomac this friday. While their record

does not reflect the actual talent on the team the boys think they have a big chance to beat

West Potomac.

“I feel we are prepared,” senior Dini Mohammad said. “Coach Matthew Behne always runs

through film with us and gives us a good idea of what the other team will do. West Potomac is a

very good team but we know we are the better team. It is just our job as a team to play like we


The boys have been working hard in order for them to bring the win against the Wolverines back

for AHS. Behne has been playing films for the boys in order for them to know just what their

opponent may try to do.

Knowing what types of skills West Potomac possesses and having an idea of what they might

do on the court has really helped the team gain confidence going into the game.

“Well although nothing compares to the real thing of playing the game, we have watched scout

film and that helps,” sophomore Tyree Johnson said.

The team has also been putting hard work and effort in at the gym during practices, not only

strengthening physical skills but mental skills as well.

“I always feel we are prepared, but there are always things I can improve, rethink and evaluate,”

sophomore, Tyre Anderson said.

With the team confident in Behne’s strategy, coaching and their own hard work, they are ready

to go out and wreck the Wolverines.

On top of watching film, the team is also challenged at their practices and given hard workouts

in order to prepare themselves and challenge themselves even further.

“Coach provides us with things so we feel prepared going into the games,” Anderson said. “He

provides us with toughness drills like Box-out, Transition, Charges, Close-out and much more.

All in all, it is up to us as a team though to go out there and get the job done.”

The team needs to win so they can have a bigger chance of playing every team.

“Every district game is important” Senior Saad Farooq said. “We want to win the next two so we

can jump to fifth in the district then hopefully we get the chance to play every team in the district

one more time”

“Focusing on fundamentals and trying to get stronger with my team is the most important thing”

Sophomore Fello Gomez said. “but getting mentally ready is the most important thing to do with

my team.”

The team has become better and knows their roles, after working together for so


“I was on jv first but just from watching varsity and now being on the team, we have grown a lot

more individually knowing our roles on the team” Gomez said.

Overall the team is ready and working harder than ever to prepare for playoffs and break