A new hope for girls track

As the 2016 spring season is underway, girl’s varsity track shows a lot of potential early in the start of their season. With many new runners, the team is ready to work with each other to improve their times.

Returning senior Danielle Robinson maintains high hopes for the upcoming season.

“We’ll definitely see how it goes this season but I have nothing but positive feelings for this upcoming season,” Robinson said.

Although their previous coach resigned, the team is ready to better themselves with the help of their new coaching staff. Their readiness and eagerness to learn from their new coaches will aid them to a fresh new season.

“It’s definitely different this year now that I’m a senior and with an awesome new coach.” Robinson said.

“This season is different because there’s a lot of underclassmen and fewer seniors,” senior Hassa Koroma said. “We also have two new coaches who have taken over so we do more weight training which is led by the football coach and practices run longer.”

The team is expecting to encounter many new challenges and old hardships. While some players practice with their team, some runners get help outside of school in order to help them prepare.

Second-year track member senior Asaada Hatcher intends to make the most of her first an d only season.

In addition, many team members learn the difficulty of balancing school work, home life and extracurricular activities.

“Having a job, balancing work and being the President of BCAA is  going to be difficult, however, with solo practices I can make it work” Koroma said.

Returning players, like senior Shannyea Wichard, try to make their last season a memorable one, starting with how well they perform with one another. “The difference about the team is the team’s chemistry,” Wichard said. “We’re working on becoming a closer team.”

Although the team is mixed with new and returning players, their goals are very similar: states.

“The goals I personally have for this season is making it to states with the girls 4×1 [or relay] team and possibly nationals,” Wichard said. As she has broken numerous school records, she strives for the highest recognition in her final run as an Atom.

Similarly, Hatcher plans on putting in the extra effort during practice. “To prepare for the upcoming meet, I will push hard during practice and give my all,” Hatcher said.

The team’s first meet is the Carolyn Legard Relays Invitational on April 2nd at W.T. Woodson HighSchool.