Boys lacrosse season concludes


Senior Ryan Flynn carrying the ball up field looking for a pass.

After a frustrating few months, the boys varsity lacrosse team’s season has come to a close. The boys had one win and eleven losses. The one win was against the Thomas Jefferson Colonials by a score of 10 – 7 on May 3rd.

The Atoms played in the first round of conference on May 9th against the South County Stallions and were eliminated by a score of 16 – 5.

“I felt that we could have actually won that game,” freshman Isaas Lozada said.“If we had just played the whole game for all four quarters we would have won.” The Atoms were in the game for the start of it but were not able to keep up with the Stallions as the game went on.

The season was a struggle and disappointing to many, as the team was not able to win as many games as they all had hoped for. This was because the team was never really able to perform to their full potential as multiple injuries were constantly weighing them down.

“This season was a rough one, we were not able to win as much as we would have liked,” sophomore Marcos Ocampo said .

Another major part of the struggles came from having a lack of communication on the field which caused the team to be disorganized at some points. The disorganization during games would cost them, as games they played that were close came down to a few mistakes. The team was able to correct most of their mistakes and make improvements throughout the season, but it was not enough to get the team on the winning side for a majority of it.

Many talented seniors will be leaving the lacrosse team after this year, but with the skill and potential of freshmen and sophomores on the team, the boys are very hopeful for future seasons.

“We’ll sadly be losing many great players, but this season is over and my focus is on the next one,” Ocampo said. The younger players this year have shown potential for improvement and hope for next season.

“Hopefully next season we can do a lot better and win more games,” Lozada said. The team will have the opportunity to do better after undergoing the learning experience this season was.

The difficult season will serve as motivation for the Atoms and cause them to strive for victory.  If there was one thing the game against South County showed it was that the team improved and individual players became better as well.

“The South County game displayed how much everyone had improved throughout the season,” Ocampo said. Although the players improved, there is still a lot of room for even more improvement come next season. Working on and becoming better at basic fundamentals was an important part of practices this year, but with a more experienced group ready for next year, the team will be able to work on more specific issues they had.

“This season was a lot of fun and a big learning experience, but next year is time to ball out,” Lozada said. With this season in the books, the Atoms should have better chemistry come next year because now they have played a season together.

Better chemistry is one thing that would be vital to victory and the Atoms have improved their chemistry since the beginning of this season. This season was tough but the future is bright for the Atoms boys lacrosse team.