Softball eliminated despite great effort


The Varsity Softball team after defeating WT Woodson 15-11.

The school year is ending at a fast pace. This also means that spring sports are coming to an end, including softball. The Atoms have had a tough season with a record of 2-17. As the girls finished up their last couple of games, they began to prepare for tournaments.

Although the season was difficult at first, overall, it was better than what most of the girls expected. “I am very happy with how much the team improved,” senior Kasana Nguyen said.

Going into the season some of the girls had not played softball much before, but they showed improvement as the season progressed. “Some of the girls had minimal experience playing softball, but throughout the season they were able to learn the game and improve very quickly,” Nguyen said.

The girls wanted to make this season memorable and they accomplished just that. Their recent wins show their  great improvement from past seasons. “We have won more games than in the past four years, our softball program has definitely improved,” senior Julia Quizon said.

Most recently, the girls practiced inside the main gym due to the past ongoing rain for two weeks. However, they still practice strong. The girls’ hard work has paid off.

“Compared to previous seasons, we do a lot more conditioning,” junior Jasmine Gosalvez said. “We often run suicides during every practice for about 30 minutes, but not always. It’s tough but it’s worth it.”

The hiring of the new head coach, Jim Patterson, as well as the entire coaching staff was another reason for this year’s improvement. With new coaches came new plays, techniques, and skills they are willing to teach. “They have played a big role in the improvement of our team,” Nguyen said. “They have taken charge and are drilling in the importance of teamwork and communication.”

Their improvement led to an unforgettable win on April 5 when they beat WT Woodson High School 15-11 for the second time on their Senior Night. “It has been a long time since the Annandale Varsity team has won their Senior Night, and it just so happens that it was my Senior Night. The team really came together and played hard,” Nguyen said.

After tournaments end, the seniors will be greatly missed, not just for their individual skills and techniques, but for their fun-loving personalities and humor.

“We all have bonded well and I’ll miss the laughs we all shared,” Gosalvez said. “My favorite memory with the team was getting close with them and developing great friendships.”

The players on varsity softball are not only teammates, but they are great friends. This close friendship and easy communication with each other is one of the key factors on their development.

The girls  trust one another completely and due to this they finally got the taste of winning. This brought them confidence as they finish up their season strong. They are striving on their road to glory.

“I’m really proud of my team this year,” freshmen Jessie Salisbury said.“We won two games, I feel confident that we will win more.”

The Atoms gave the game all their effort but were eliminated by the South County Stallions on Saturday night May 16 by a score of 1-8 at home. The Atoms gave it all they had and are proud of their season.