Football Prepares for West Potomac Wolverines


Senior Shemahr Brown shoves a Lake Braddock running back out of bounds.

Jude Nanaw, Sports Editor

Coming off of the Homecoming football game against the Mount Vernon Majors where the Atoms were victorious by a score of 28-21, the Atoms football team looks to take on the West Potomac Wolverines. 

The season has been filled with ups and downs and inconsistencies as the Atoms have yet to be able to win games consecutively. 

The team has been able to win by large margins in games against the McLean Highlanders(49-22) and Jeb Stuart Raiders (44-0), but also has been handed big losses in other games against the Centreville Wildcats (42-0) and Lake Braddock Bruins (52-7). 

The team’s upcoming game against the Wolverines will be very important as the Atoms look to improve upon their record. The Atoms were defeated by the Wolverines in a 54-30 shootout at West Potomac last year. 

With a hard week of practice, the Atoms look to prepare for the game by scouting the Wolverines. 

“We are preparing for the game by making sure we know what they [the Wolverines] are going to do on both offense and defense,” senior Danyom Beyene said. 

The Atoms have improved greatly throughout the season but still struggle to execute in some areas offensively. 

“The team is getting better as a whole game by game, but blocking is a big thing we are trying to work on and improve,” sophomore Franco Kitila said. 

The Atom’s offense has been part of the inconsistencies, being able to get into the endzone multiple times in some games but also being held to little to no points in other games. 

“We just want to improve our offense so that it will be more efficient. We want to put points on the board against any defense which is what we are working for,” Beyene said. 

The team has also come a long way and improved chemistry between players.

“Throughout the season, we have gotten closer as a team and have started to master our craft which has allowed us to implement more advanced plays into our playbook,” Beyene said. 

With the game against the Wolverines being the Atoms second to last home game of the regular season, the team looks ahead to match-ups coming up in the following weeks. 

The Atoms will be going on the road for the next two weeks following the game against West Potomac to take on the South County Stallions and the T.C. Williams Titans. 

Following this pair of away games the Atoms come back home to play the West Springfield Spartans in the team’s final game of the regular season. 

The Atoms look to make a playoff push as well following the regular season. 

“We are really trying to push towards the playoffs, so we have our best guys on the field so we can win our games,” sophomore Ayman Elhag said. 

The team has been working to make improvements to improve for the playoffs. 

“We have really been working on executing plays so that we are successful,” Elhag said. 

The Atoms look to make it past the first round of the Region 6A North playoffs and make it to the quarterfinals, semifinals and beyond, unlike last season.

 The team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the South County Stallions last season by a score of 35-21. 

However over half way into the season, the Atoms are still taking things game by game in order to be as well prepared as possible for each match-up.

“As Coach Scott always says, win the day and take things step by step, so we can’t afford to worry too much about future games because our main focus is this week’s game against West Potomac,” Elhag said.