Q&A with Coach Christopher Bagot


Jude Nanaw

Despite being a three sport, Bagot is also an English teacher at AHS.

Ethan Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been coaching football, track and baseball?
A: This was my eleventh year coaching football and I am entering my
eleventh year coaching baseball. This is my first year coaching winter

Q: How long have you been coaching at AHS?
A: I have been coaching for all of my time at Annandale. However, I
started helping out with coaching football when I was a senior in high

Q: What is your favorite part about coaching at Annandale?
A: Being able to give student athletes a good experience playing the
sports I coach them in. I also love the comradeship that comes with
coaching  with other coaches. The shared mission and goals setting
gives the job a  purpose.

Q: Besides football, track and baseball, is there any other sport you
would coach?
A: I love basketball. I attend every Georgetown University home
basketball game and enjoy catching other local teams in action. I have
been intrigued by the possibility of maybe being a freshman basketball

Q: What made you want to coach and is there a story behind why you coach?
A: I started helping coach the Atoms when I was a senior in high
school and I loved the experience.

Q: Did you participate in football, track or baseball in high school or college?
A: I played football and baseball for four years in high school and
did winter track my junior and senior year. I played four years of
college football at Bridgewater College, winning four conference
titles. I wasn’t a starter but I got to play a lot of games.

Q: What advice do you have for underclassmen who are interested in
participating in football, track or baseball?
A: To get involved in everything you can. Sports will give you many
great experiences that will enhance your high school experience. Being
part of team  is unique thing and an opportunity to build great
friendships. It also should teach you a lot about work ethic,  failure
and success.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment in coaching football,
track or baseball?
A: Being a members of the football coaching staff and being a part of
two district championship teams. However, I feel like my biggest
accomplishment is the relationships I have built over the years with
the student athletes and my fellow coaches.

Q: What goals do you set for yourself as a coach?
A: As a coach, I want to give my student athletes a great experience.
On the field, my goal is to win a district championship.

Q: Did you run track or play football or baseball growing up?
A: I played football one year in seventh grade, but I grew up playing
baseball and basketball. I also have played golf and tennis.

Q:  What makes you want to continue coaching?
A: It is what I love to do.