Wrestler hits huge milestone in career

Junior Allen Kokilananda, wins his 100th match.


Junior Allen Kokilananda, holds his opponent close then slams him onto the mat.

Luke Elkins, Staff Writer

Junior Allen Kokilananda became the 8th wrestler in Annandale history, and the 3rd as a junior to reach 100 wins. He reached this feat at the King of Beasts Tournament at Tallwood High School.

He also was awarded the “Most Outstanding Wrestler” in the tournament, defeating the 8th ranked wrestler in the state in the finals.

“It feels amazing to reach this milestone. It’s hard to put into words this incredible feeling and sense of accomplishment,” Kokilananda said.

“I am ecstatic about Allen reaching 100 career wins… it truly is incredible. What makes it even more remarkable is that Allen has reached this milestone during his Junior year, so he can make a serious run at the all-time career wins record by the end of next year,” said Varsity Wrestling Coach Derek Sweet.

Allen is thankful for his companions that assist him on the path to greatness. “My coaches, parents, teammates, and friends all helped me along the path to get 100 wins because they constantly believed in me and knew I could accomplish anything I set my mind to,” Kokilananda said.

“Allen is a great wrestler because he devotes tireless hours to perfecting his craft. Few people can walk into a wrestling room having never wrestled before and become successful,” said Sweet.

Kokilinanda believes his work ethic is key to his success. “I am always pushing myself to be the best I can be. Just working hard whether it was in the weight room, on the track, or in the wrestling room,” said Kokilananda.

Coach Sweet sees big things in Allen’s future. ”Next year I see him being at the top of everyone’s list as the top guy in whatever weight class he enters, which will cause most coaches to want to avoid him and his weight class,” said Sweet.