Senior Allen Kokilananda attends Super 32

Shyeim Campbell, Staff Writer

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On Oct. 27, senior Allen Kokilananda attended the wrestling meet, Super 32. Kokilananda did not perform as well as he wanted to and lost both of the matches he competed in, however, the experience of attending the meet was rewarding.

Super 32 is a national wrestling tournament that is held in Greensboro Coliseum special events center in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event is a national event in which wrestlers from across the U.S. attend. Kokilananda registered for Super 32 to see how well he would do in this competitive environment against many of these other wrestlers.

Kokilananda’s first match was against Alfonso Martinez, a wrestler from Arizona. Allen lost to Alfonso 11-3. Kokilananda’s second match was against Joseph Del Gallo, a wrestler from Virginia. Kokilananda lost this match 3-1.

“I could’ve done way better.” Kokilananda said. “I was pretty confident going in but I got the butterflies before my first match.”

Prior to the competition, Kokilananda prepared for his wrestling matches at the University Of Virginia on Oct. 5. At UVA, Kokilananda , along with fifty other wrestlers, trained and prepared for Super 32, honing in on their skills and trying to strengthen their weaknesses.  

Although Kokilananda did not perform as well as he had hoped to, the experience of the competition was invaluable. Kokilananda has been on the AHS varsity wrestling team since his freshman year and plans to compete his senior year as well. Super 32 and its high level of competition, he hopes, will prepare him for the upcoming wrestling season.

“I’ll bring what I learned at Super 32 and try to be intense during practices, so my teammates can get better,” Kokilananda said.