Boys basketball in depth

Mahdi Larhmari, Staff Writer

After a disappointing season last year for the Atoms boys varsity basketball team, the team works hard and makes every practice worth it as they prepare for their upcoming season.

The boy’s varsity team last year went for a disappointing record of 8 wins and 15 losses. But changes have been. Annandale is now in a new conference with easier opponents. Also, Annandale has acquired a new head coach from Wakefield High School. 

On November 14th, the boys had a scrimmage against McLean High School. The game took place at Annandale High School. The boys won by 23 points in a blowout victory. Senior Mathew Mckiver had things to say about the game. “We really worked well as a team, and everyone individually did their part,” said Mckiver.

The boys then took on South County High School on November 22. The boys fell short in a tough and a hard-fought game. The game took place at South County High School. Junior Dazon Harrison felt like he could have played better. “We could have played way better as a team and I could have played better individually,” said Harrison.

The boys so far have played two scrimmages and have won one and lost the other, a record of 1-1. They will be taking on Fairfax Rebels on November 29th. The game will take place at Fairfax High School and it will be their first regular season game.