Coach’s Corner: Julian Scarbourgh

Khadija Ahmed, Staff Writer

Coach Scarborough is the varsity track coach for sprints. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Reston, Virginia. He went to George Mason University and has previously coached at South Lakes High School. He is married with no kids, but always refers to his athletes as his kids

1. How did you discover your interest in track?
As a kid, I was always the fastest kid in the class. And was always interested in Track and Field.

2. What are your personal achievements in track?
In high school, I was a pretty good sprinter and jumper. In college, I was a good jumper as well.

3. How long have you been coaching track at this school?
I’ve coached at Annandale for four years now. Astrid Ligonde (triple jump record holder) McKenzie Yi, and Jack Curtain were my first group of athletes at Annandale.

4. What are your strengths as a coach?
My strengths are teaching fundamentals and trying to get my athletes to believe that they have the talent to compete with anyone and achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

5. What are your best and worst memories as a coach?
I have a lot of great memories: Annandale Hurdler Jacob Weber going undefeated, Annandale Jumper Astrid Ligonde breaking the triple jump record and Franco Kitila Qualifying in 100m nationals as a freshman. Boys 4×4 winnings the conference in 3:25 Boys 4×1 qualifying for nationals, and Jay Pendarvis qualifying for state and nationals. And this current season, the girls and boys 4×2 and 4×4 qualifying for regionals. Worst memory was at South Lakes when I had to scratch a state qualifying relays team that broke curfew.

6. How do you handle the discipline of players?
Depends on the offense. It’s not a one size fits all.

7. What advice do you have for your players regarding the balance of athletics and academics?
Academics always comes first. They are students first and athletes second.

8. What goals do you have for the team?
The goal for the boys was to qualify for state and try to win the region. And for the girls to run well at conference and give our best effort.

9. How would you describe the organization of a typical practice?
A typical practice consists of breaking into athletes specialty events.. I mean distance, sprints, jumps, hurdles, pole vault and shot put.

10. What is the best advice you have ever given a sprinter?
If you can’t see it, you’ll never achieve it.

11. Who are your role models in coaching?
Coach George Johnson the South Lakes track coach and
Coach Bob Graumann the South Lakes football coach.