Girls basketball transitions to playoffs

Khadija Ahmed, Staff Writer

The 2-11 girls varsity basketball team may have gotten off to a rocky start, but they are only looking to improve. The girls put in so much effort as they have practice six days a week for two hours at a time. The girls have set a solid goal for themselves: to win the league and state title.

“So far, the team is doing pretty good and each time that the team gets together for practices, we continue to see a lot of improvement. I am really happy and excited to see how far we have come as a whole team,” senior Sara Elkebri said. “I am personally doing pretty good, but one thing I can work on is having a lot more confidence in myself when I get the ball during games.

Also, the team could work on communicating a lot more with one another so we can continue to get better.”

Their record may not be the best, but the team has specific strengths they should be very proud of.

“First off, we are seventh in the area in three-point shooting, and another good thing is that Grace Hatch is fifth in the area in rebounding. We also have two girls averaging 15 points,” girls’ varsity basketball Coach Brown said. “Some other things that the girls are really good with is shooting and coming to work hard each and every day. Those are things that have really improved and impressed me. They are a really good group of girls and I am really hoping they get some success because they really deserve it.”

The girls’ team could improve on their rebounding and finish off their plays, but the main thing the girls are really struggling with is their size as a team. The team is not as big as other basketball teams, so that means that some girls who are not used rebounding now have to participate in that. The girls should also be a little more physical.

“The attitude of the team also needs to improve. A common attitude Annandale sports teams have is ‘We are Annandale, we do not expect to win.’

That is something that has to change very quickly. It takes a lot of time to learn how to win and it also takes working really hard every single day. I really believe that they can do it,” Brown said.

Although the girls’ varsity basketball team might not be doing so great right now, they have great positivity and goals to reach, so they are trying their very hardest to get there.