Wrestling dominates districts


(Left to right) Dylan Weaver, Allen Kokilananda, Uriel Sejas, Cesar Lopez, and Patrick Lee pose with the tournament brackets showcasing their first place finishes at the Gunston District Championships.

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

The boys varsity wrestling team has accomplished many great things so far this season, and recently they won districts which is a huge accomplishment for the whole varsity team.
“I am really proud of my team and I am happy that we won first place, “ freshman Hugo Amaya said. “My team gave it all the power they had and we definitely earned that first place win.”
The team’s hard work paid off with their success at district. It was a great reward for the team’s efforts throughout the season.
“I feel great about winning districts ,” sophomore Dylan Weaver said. “My brother took second place when he was in high school and I made a promise to him that would take first.”
The boys train very hard and it has paid off with a huge win. They have been training for districts since the start of the season and are very pleased with the results that they got.
They cherish their success in districts, but are putting in hard work to prepare for regionals.
Due to this, the boys are looking forward to regionals so they can reach their goals that they have set.
“We practice six days a week for about two and a half hours,” Kokilananda said.
The usual practice for the varsity boys consists of a lot of wrestling and learning new moves and techniques that they can use during their matches and lot of conditioning.
The boys have many strengths that they put to use.
“Our strengths are overcoming adversity because we all do that in our lives on a day to day basis,as well as in the wrestling room,” Kokilananda said.
Amaya believes they possess strengths beyond the physical ones needed for wrestling.
“My team is really good at bumping each other’s confidence up, we are also good at pushing and cheering each other on no matter what,” Amaya said.
Amaya realizes that the team is not perfect, however.
“During districts, a lot of the boys on my team won their matches and continued to push through,” Amaya said.
“Some of the boys on the team got overpowered and may have started losing their confidence because they made mistakes so we need to fix the mistakes that happened during districts so we can do even better during regionals and hopefully take a first-place prize home again.”
They plan on solving these problems before regionals begins.
“I think my team could work on our technique, teamwork, and pushing a little harder while we are conditioning,” Amaya said. “Personally, I want to improve on increasing my speed and finishing the moves that I begin during matches.”
The boys’ varsity wrestling team hopes to continue to see an abundance of wins and a really successful time in the near future at regionals.