Track begins their season on the right foot

Shyeim Campbell, Staff Writer

The varsity outdoor track team is ready to succeed this season, following the success of their runners in the indoor season.
They opened their season on Sat. April 7, with their first track meet of the spring season, and it turned out well for the team in each event.
Many runners were able to get good times to improve upon as the season progresses.
“I think I did really good in the 200-meter race but I did not do as well as I wanted to in the 400-meter race, I could really practice improving on my stamina and my form,” junior Makayla Lopez said.
With practices six days each week to work on skills and techniques, the track team feels well prepared for every track meet.
Some of the drills that each group works on at practice are sprints, block starts, breathing skills, and volume. The team has a system at their practices where if you usually run a 400-meter race, you do drills for an 800-meter race and you also practice running an 800-meter race. All these practices have set them up well.
All the runners have goals in their minds to achieve in their upcoming track meets and they also have a couple things they would like to fix to do better.
“For the next meet, I want to be able to get off the blocks more explosively to help with my start,” junior Franco Kitila said.
“It was cold but I ran at my best and I am proud of myself but I want to improve on my stride length because it could be better,” junior Ayman Elhag said.
Although the track season just started, the runners all hope that it turns out great and hope that their hard work pays off.
“The season just started but it looks promising especially since we are coming off being 4th in the state for indoor track,” Elhag said.
They hope a successful season is in the future for them.