Athletes of the Month added to jock lobby

Poster recognizes student athletes for their outstanding work


The Aug. and Sept. athletes of the month are freshman Daniela Dosen, junior Lindsey Keyes, junior Mohamed Bile, senior Ayman Elhag

Adam Shawish, Sports X-tra Editor

New additions have been made to Jock Lobby. The newest addition is the Athletes of the Month sign, located right off the ramp to the health room. The sign is a way to acknowledge our AHS athletes.

“We have some really good athletes and I think it is important to get their name out there and let their classmates know what is going on in the school,” Director of Student Activities John Ellenberger said.

Athletes are chosen by Ellenberger along with his assistants, Michael Scott and Bryan Molle.

The process starts with the coaches. Each coach nominates one athlete and sends them to Ellenberger.
Ellenberger then sits down with his assistants and they decide whose face gets to be on the sign.

The athletes for Aug. and Sept. are freshman Daniela Dosen, junior Lindsey Keyes, junior Mohamed Bile, and senior Ayman Elhag.

Cross country runner, Daniela Dosen, was happy with her nomination. “It was really surprising, but I put a lot of effort into this season,” Dosen said.

Each athlete puts an incredible amount of time energy into their sport. The Athlete of the Month sign is a great way to motivate players into working harder, playing harder, and winning more.

A majority of high schoolers play sports and they have to juggle academics and their sport.
That can be hard at times so this is a good way to show support and recognize these players.

“It is a nice little confidence booster that other people are acknowledging my success,” Ayman Elhag said. Elhag was nominated for his performance in football.

New athletes will be chosen at the end of each month. Each season will get their chance to nominate new players.

Many of the athletes nominated were from team sports. They drive the team toward success. Every team needs these players and every team has these players.
Many of the players, who were nominated ,are team leaders and captains. When a captain gets picked, it makes sense.

However there are also great players not in leadership roles that will eventually get picked. Working hard at practice and playing hard at games will drive your name and photo to the sign.

“I feel happy but I could not have done it without my team,” Lindsey Keyes said. She was nominated by field hockey.

Go check out the the athletes of the month sign each month for new updates. Maybe you will see yourself the next time you check.