Girls basketball conditioning takes place

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

Students interested in girls basketball tryouts have been working hard for the past few weeks during conditioning.They have been to practice six days a week for a total of eight weeks in order to prepare for tryouts. Tryouts will be held the gym for all grade levels on Nov.7

“During our pre-season workouts we worked on our conditioning, core, and overall total body fitness so that our players will be conditioned to respond effectively and instinctively in practice as well as games,” girls basketball coach Fawn Tucker said.  

After school, student athletes get themselves prepared and head straight to conditioning. They undergo a handful of exercises to get physically and mentally prepared for the new basketball season.

Girls trying out for the team are from a range of grade levels as they try out for the freshman, JV and varsity teams. Making the team is a big accomplishment for these girls, as they have continued to display a sense of determination.

“I’m going to work hard on my defense and make sure that I improve my shooting,” sophomore Sumaya Ahmed said.

Ahmed hopes to make the varsity team this year.

Their strengths vary from team to team, however, a common goal for all of them is to improve their field goal percentages, free throws, and to be relentless on defense.

Leading into the season students are continuously growing daily towards many of their team goals that have been set this year. However, student-athletes still have to work towards applying and developing skill sets to game scenarios.

“For this upcoming season, we plan to stick as a team and do big things all the way,” sophomore Fauzah Kargbo said. “It’s go big or go home and that is why I plan to tryout for the varsity team.”

All of those trying out are looking forward to reaching the team goals and improving daily upon the fundamentals of basketball.