Baseball and wrestling holds leaf raking fund raiser

Erik Rivas , Sports Editor

The air is getting crisp, and as the fall season comes to an end, the gold, red and orange leaves are scatted across lawns everywhere. This means it is that time of the year again when the AHS wrestling and baseball team hold their annual leaf-raking fund raiser.

The teams offer their leaf raking services to houses in neighborhoods nearby the Annandale and North Springfield area, who sign up beforehand.

This festive fund raiser will take place on all-day Saturday, Nov. 17.

For many, raking leaves can be an extremely time-consuming and back-aching chore. However, this is nothing to players on the wrestling and baseball teams.

“It can be either easy or hard depending on the size of the yard,” sophomore Justin Scott said. “But since we had a lot of people it made every yard easy.”

Through this activity, the raking crews will not only raise essential funds for their upcoming season, but the fund raiser also builds teamwork and spirit.

“It creates a stronger bond between all of us,” Scott said. “This is because it does not feel like a job or any other fund raiser at all. It is more like a hangout with all your friends.”

The fund raiser also serves as physical conditioning for their bodies in preparation for the season.

“We sometimes have small competitions between one another to see you can rake the fastest or clean the fastest,” Scott said. “It really works your muscles.”

Those who receive the teams’ services can donate any amount of their choosing.

However, the teams usually make about $100 per house and sometimes even more. The minimum donation amount is $100.

The money is later split fairly into two, between both the baseball and wrestling team.

Last year, the baseball team was able to raise a total of over $1,000, which went into their new uniforms and equipment.

Senior Joe Courtney, a varsity baseball player, has participated in this event for the past three years, and he will continue to do so this year to help his team. Last year, the fund raiser had a decent turnout.

“I would say about 40 athletes participated,” Courtney said. “[For] roughly about 15 houses.”

With much hope and enthusiasm, AHS will be cheering on the wrestling and baseball teams all day Nov. 17 as they break a sweat and work hard to raise the necessary funds to allocate to their needs.

One can register online at There is a Boosters form that can be fill out. Contact Brian Zimmerman at [email protected] or call at (703)407-6087 for more details or to schedule a time for the teams to come. There is limited availability, which will decrease as slots are filled.