Girls blow out Freedom and Wakefield


Mia Antezana Garcia, Staff Writer

The girls varsity soccer team started off the season strong and is maintaining their strength. The Atoms came away victorious, winning the game 7-1. On March 11, the team had their first official game of the season, but they feel short and lost by a margin of 1- 2. Some the girls on the team have spoken about their feelings and what their expectations are for this season.

“I’m feeling good about this new season,” sophomore Laila Lopez said. “We seem to be better than last year.”

Sophomore Jayden Joya agreed saying she felt “pretty good about the season so far this year.”

Lopez said what she believed the team needs to work on based on the games and the practices they have had so far.

“I think we need to work on our intensity,” Lopez said. “We need to start off and play with in 100% the game. We are working well with fighting and applying a hit pressure.”

Both players shared what they want to improve on for the season.

“My goal for this season is to get more goals and assist than last year,” Joya said.

The team is hopeful to be victorious in more games throughout the season and to grow together collectively.

“My expectations are to win more games this year compared to last, and to be a good and communicative team,” Lopez said.

This year’s soccer team also has seven freshmen on it. Jane Elkins, Anna Delaney, Jasmine Bonilla, Camille Cortes, Madeline Dosen, Kate Chrestman and Daniela Dosen.

“It feels really amazing to have made it to the varsity team this year” Dosen said, “I have wanted to play for the varsity team since I was a little kid, so it really is a dream come true. Everyone is really nice and supportive on the team, so I am really looking forward to a really amazing season.”

Many players have set individual goals to accomplish throughout the season.

“Since I am a freshman I’m not sure which goals are, and which goals aren’t realistic” Dosen said. “However, I would really like to go to Districts and maybe even Regionals. I would also win more than half of the games that we will play throughout the season.”

The girls played a game on March 15, the girls ended up rolling Wakefield by a score of 5-1.

The varsity girls soccer team still have a lot of games left this season, and are looking forward to playing them with all they’ve got.

Their next game will be against West Springfield.