Softball improves in time for first game


Jane Elkins , Staff Writer

The girls varsity softball team were coming off a 10-1 lost aginst wakefield, the girls rebounded by crushing Falls Church.

“It was a really great first game for. We really worked hard in practice and I was happy to see it pay off .”

The majority of the runs were scored by Seniors Kaitlyn Le, Jessie Salisbury, Megan Johnson, Sarah Hawkins, Allauna Harrison, Kayla Holcomb, and Ginger Mendez.

During the game, it was clear to anyone watching that AHS team’s outfield outmatched their competitors.

Along with that, the team’s bunts, running, and their ability to steal bases was exceedingly better than Falls Church’s.

“Everyone played great,” Waldridge said. “We played very well as a team and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season goes.”

In all, this game was a very important win psychologically for the team as it was the first game of the season and these games are very crucial in determining the results for the rest of their year.

It’s a great start to what seems like a great season and let’s hope that the girls can keep their winning record throughout the rest of the year.