Girls soccer improves from last year

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Girls soccer improves from last year

Mia Antezana Garcia, Staff Writer

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It’s been a month since the girls varsity soccer season began, and players are already seeing improvement from last year.

“I feel like our season is definitely going better than last year, and we feel like more of an improved team,” sophomore Jayden Joya said. “I’m excited for what is to come. We have been working really hard and I would like to make it further into regionals than last year.”

So far the girls have a record of 2-4. They’ve faced Edison, Wakefield, Lee, Springfield, Justice and West Potomac. Out of all six games they’ve had two solid wins and four losses. Most of which where of 1-goal differences.

On games that haven’t gone so well our biggest issues include not stepping to the ball while defending as well as not sticking with our marks,” sophomore Madison Cruz said.

The players expressed what they can work on.

“I think we need to work on having a positive attitude,” Joya said, “I feel like the team can work on our mindset game days. I also believe that we could really use work on being able to bond as a team both on and off field.”

The girls have definitely improved from last year’s first six games, in which the girls had five losses and tied one game.

“I think last year we bonded ever as a team, however, we’re only one month into the season, so I have no doubt that as time goes by we’ll be able to bond even more,” said Joya.

The girls will continues to give it their all at practices and games. Their next game will be home against Hayfield High School on Monday April 8, at 7:15 p.m.