Despite slow start, volleyball optimistic

Cyrus Assadzadeh, Staff Writer

The varsity volleyball team has had a rather slow start to their season, with a record of 1-5. They suffered their most recent loss against South Lakes, with a final score of 3-0.

“We need speed and timing,” Captain Madison Dixon commented, “but we have good energy on the court.”
Hopefully, the Atoms are able to sort out their errors and begin to make improvements for the remainder of the season. Opposing teams within the district are improving quickly and the team needs to be prepared.

“This season our team is really working on being good communicators on the court and we are talking about what is happening so we are all set and ready to do what needs to be done,” Madison said, “There has also been a focus on getting our serves over the net and court.”

So far this season, the Atoms have been defeated by Wakefield, Marshall, Osborn, Falls Church and South Lakes, but were able to pull off a win against Robert E. Lee High School with a score of 3-1.

“Some good things to take away from games is that we are playing pretty good.” Madison stated, “As a team we have a good group of girls that play well together.”

Overall, the season has been off to a slow start. Although there is disapointment about their record, there is plenty of time to improve and be more successfull for games in the future.

“I think this team has an enormous amount of potential. I really think that if everyone works hard to improve their individual skills, we could tie it together during practice and be an amazing team, a team that has other schools thinking, ‘Shoot we are playing Annandale, they’re good.’ This team could be winning lots of games if each and every one of us worked even harder.” Madison added.

The Atoms volleyball team is very optimistic about the future and could become a great team very soon.