Winter sports kick off for the school year

As the fall season for sports is coming to an end, new opportunities to participate in winter sports are arriving.
Varying sports such as Wrestling, Indoor Track, Swimming, and Basketball will be featuring in winter sports this season. Coaches are prepared and excited for the start of the 2019-2020 winter season.
“I am most excited for seeing how we’ve progressed from last year to this year,” Varsity Wrestling Coach, Joshua Domico said. “We’ve had people working in the summer this year, and we have a solid core of students returning and newcomers who can help us contend in the district and beyond.”
The practice schedule for Wrestling goes from Monday to Friday. It goes from 3:15 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. for Varsity players while JV goes from 3:15 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. On Saturdays, practices will begin at 9 A.M. and end at 11 A.M.
“My main goal is to make sure that our athletes are prepared as best as possible for all their matches,” Domico said.
With Basketball coming around, Domico is focused on the season ahead and is ready to rebuild after losing nine seniors last year.
“I’m excited about building a team with new and young guys in the mix,” Domivo said. “I think we’ll be doing well with our new squad.”
Girls Indoor Track Coach Harris is also excited for the winter season coming up.
“Coming off of cross country was great.” Coach Harris said, “We had many great athletes in the season, and we even had one who improved her time substantially.”
Harris has very high hopes for this year.
“It’d be great to see all of them return for the indoor season and I’m excited for people who are interested as well, so they can reach their full potential.”
One of Coach Harris’ main goals is to build a higher endurance for athletes during the indoor season so they can compete at a higher level during the outdoor season. He also seeks to win a conference.
All in all, coaches are excited for players to return in the winter season and are thrilled for the athletes who are excited to get back to playing sports again. They are ready to push athletes to be at their best, physically and mentally.