Football players stay in shape in spite of canceled practices

It’s been more than a month since all school sports and practices have been cancelled. This leaves fall athletes uncertain of how much time they’ll have to get ready for the season ahead of them.

Juniors in football, such as Andrew Pang, Danny Salisbury, Robert Lattour, Idrissa Kargbo, have been trying their best to keep their technique sharp for the upcoming fall season. If they are not training on the field, they try doing other smaller workouts that can be done at home like lifting and other one person drills.

Since most places are closed and do not allow entry, it can be hard to find an open field or park to train on.

“We try to practice on any field we can find,” junior linebacker Justin Scott said. “It varies from empty elementary school fields to park fields.”

Typically, the football team begins their fall training towards the end of May. Summer practices start a week after school ends and all other practices start in August.

“It is important to make sure we stay in shape so that when the fall season comes, we will not have to be held back or have to start from zero,” junior lineman Andy Zepeda said.

As of right now, many are unsure about how the season will play out. Head football coach Michael Scott says that they will not know when football season will start until after June 15.

“It is very important for both athletes and coaches to stay safe and healthy by keeping up with good hygiene and boosting their immune systems,” Scott said.

He wants players to stay in shape, eat right and be safe to ensure that they can get back to work when they can. Scott also reminds athletes that things are going to get better.

How long that takes remains to be seen.