FIFA 21 excites students


FIFA 21 arrives at a slightly odd moment in time for world soccer, which has been without fans for more than six months in most countries. On October 9, EA Sports finally dropped the highly requested and praised FIFA 21.

All around the world soccer clubs are making Youtube videos out of their star players’ new overall rating and stats. In which the majority of professional players are not happy or frustrated with their ratings, saying that they are too low for their standards. Some players, in particular, are very vocal about their ratings being below what they feel they should be, saying that it’s a publicity stunt to give certain players lower ratings to where people begin to talk about it.
Inter Milan forward, Romelu Lukaku brought his opinions to Twitter saying, “Let’s be honest FIFA just mess with the ratings so we players start complaining about the game and give them more publicity… I ain’t with this sh*t.”

Overall, the new game has made some major changes in the certain areas of the game that are played the most like, the manager career, where you can either choose to create your player or manage a team and play throughout all the cutscenes at seasons. You can also play the ultimate team, where you can build your dream team with players from around the world and compete in divisions. As Well as pro clubs, where you can team up with friends and play on the same team trying to beat other opponents

“I like the game,” sophomore Marcelo Pozo said. “It’s a lot of fun to play by myself and with friends. I mostly play ‘Ultimate Team’ because I like to build my own team and try out the different teams I build.”

These sports games seem to improve each year, having fans of the game want more and more, and the new FIFA 21 seems to fall right in the suit.