Winter sports finally begin

As the athletics program approaches its first season of the school year, students prepare for the dawning of winter sports. Activities such as swimming, baseball, basketball, gymtastics, and winter track grant opportunities to all students willing to participate in the upcoming season. Various programs held green days in introduction to each sport as they proceed to the start of their seasons. Coaches continue to encourage taking precautions in regards to COVID-19  through daily forms and recording temperatures.  Online forms are sent out to athletes and coaches for those wishing to participate. Registrations are available through the athletics website.

Students continue to focus upon conditioning in regards to the start of the season. Those taking part in the upcoming season focus upon disciplining themselves in light of their task ahead. 

 “My sport is winter track,” junior Liam McGinity said.  “I am going to prepare for my sport by running every day to increase my mileage to reach my goal.” Students must reach a projected goal to successfully be accepted to their desired position. “I have no idea on how the season will turn out.  If we see any competition, I think we will perform successfully,” McGinity said.

Additional sports approach seasonal conditioning differently such as the swim and dive program.  Various students have focused on preparing on their own as well as following drills provided by coaches in their own time.   

 “Though I’ve been practicing with my club team, Coach Lucas has also given us dry land and swim workouts to undergo before the season begins,” freshman Colin McGee said.

“The season will be as smooth as we can make it to be. We are lucky to have a season at all, I am sure we will make the most of it,” McGee said.  

Though COVID-19 may be a negative factor in regards to the season’s availability, students are fortunate to receive such an opportunity.   

The wrestling program has held green days as well as workouts to condition athletes for the said sport. “The wrestling coaches recommend we attend every workout if we commit to the sport,” junior Gabriel Bolin said.  

“The workouts consisted of running, doing drills, and running bleachers,” Bolin said. 

“Because of the pandemic, the season was scheduled to begin weeks later than the usual time. Despite COVID’s effects, our team is still in good shape.”

Though the athletics program has experienced countless issues in regards to the effect of COVID-19, procedures remain to be set in place. The pandemic continues to alter the expectations of a standard season as delays and limitations have occurred amongst students and coaches. Despite the number of obstacles faced, athletes are satisfied with the outcome of what can be made of the season and the fortunate opportunity they have ahead.  

The presence of the virus may lead to a fraction of students to withdraw from the athletics program. Families have concern for those willing to place themselves at risk of the virus as they are surrounded constantly by peers of unknown status of the virus.  

Due to this issue, students are not confident to expect participation within competitions. As a priority of the season for most, the lack of projection students obtain creates confusion and dissatisfaction. 

“I hope for my winter track season I would be able to participate in a race,” senior Bennett Stenerg Says.

“For now, no one knows what may end up happening but we should hope it will be a successful season.